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Mobile First, Desktop Second

These days, customers and clients are on their phone more than they are on their computers. Google also ranks sites higher if the site is mobile-friendly.

That’s right. While the desktop (Mac/PC) is still a place where people view websites, the shift is happening where people are spending a majority of the time on the web on their mobile devices. At BreakPoint Sales, we focus on web design across all devices. We believe that web design should be platform agnostic, meaning it should work across every device.

We take pride knowing our sites work across myriad of platforms.

Google should love your site

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is crucial in how Google (the search engine) sees and views your site. A site that isn’t built optimized for Google means that the search engine can struggle to “read” your site. Think of an explorer trying to get through a thick jungle. If you create a walkable path, said explorer will get through the once treacherous conditions with ease.

At BreakPoint, we strive to ensure that Google sees your site and constantly knows what changes have been made as a result. All of our sites are SEO-friendly, meaning we build all of our sites to ensure the best result from Google, the world’s leading search engine.

A website should be visually appealing to your viewer

Your website should be visually beautiful, a reflection of your quality of craftsmanship. It should also function effectively so that viewers properly move through your site, more fully understanding your product or service. Color, type, style and readability all come in to play when we start to design and build your site. We are with you through every step of the process.